It is TIME for a REVOLUTION in the way we THINK & CREATE!
It is TIME to create JOY & EMPOWERMENT rather than PAIN & STRUGGLE!
TOGETHER we can move mountains and shift GLOBAL consciousness to LOVE rather than FEAR
JOIN me as I explore this concept.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Embrace Change!

Nature shows us that change is a constant in this process we call physical life. The seasons take us through the process of birth, life, death, and rebirth. Birth in the spring, life in the summer, the ageing process and harvest in the autumn and death in the winter to be reborn again the following spring.
Our physical body also renews itself continuously with cells constantly being produced, and then replaced to ensure our body functions optimally.
Many of us fear change simply because our first experience of change at birth was traumatic and full of pain and struggle. Birth is the moment when we metamorphose from a water mammal to an air breathing mammal. It is when we first encounter the kingdom of opposites; light & dark, hot & cold, up & down, hungry & satisfied, safe & not safe. Our first breath initiates these monumental physiological changes. The in breath and the out breath, forever destined to be their opposite. Our emergence from the womb introduces variation, and the cutting of the cord is the instant we become an individual, no longer part of our mother's physiology. Forced methods of birth often mean that this phenomenal process of change happens in shock, with the baby experiencing physiological pain, under nourishment (if the cord is cut too early), an assault on the senses, and fear as they register 'unsafe'.

We are conscious at birth and we are registering the experience. Although our cognitive proceses are undeveloped, we respond to the primal instinct of survival that is triggered by fear for our physical safety. If we look at the way most babies are born, we are crazy to think that it does not cause an effect. The pre cognitive brain then associates change with 'not safe' and we develop a resistance to change. Once we understand that our resistance to change comes from an old subconscious thought pattern we then allow ourselves the choice of taking Socrate's advice and focussing our energy on building the new rather than fighting the old.

The more individuals that embrace change, the more we will be able to create the changes that need to occur on a global scale if we are to ensure the sustainablility of the human race. We have reached a place in our evolution that is no longer comfortable and we cannot continue to assault the earth, our bodies or each other. Greed and separatism need to be replaced by compassion and unity. If we fail to heed the need for consciously created change, we may find that 'life' knocks it down so we are forced to build something new.

 What are you going to change?

Friday, 22 April 2016

The first book in the Stack

I posted this meme on facebook and received a lot of interest so I thought I would expand the concept to give greater insight into this simple and powerful wisdom.

Each negative experience, memory, emotion is another book on the stack of your negative beliefs about yourself, relationships, and life in general. I view the bottom book as your earliest life experiences, including gestation, birth, and immediately after birth. As these early life experiences occur in the pre verbal and pre conscious memory stage, they are stored hidden in the subconsicous and form our first impression of what it is to be human. The first book has been created and forms the foundation for the eventual stack that goes on top.

"Physical Birth matters! The shared experience mother and baby have at birth creates a shared memory. We form our first impressions of what it is to be human. How does a gestating or newborn baby make decisions? By confirming the impressions it receives, on a pre-verbal level. Deeply imprinted in the subconscious, these decisions become the premise upon which the child builds its subsequent logic and early attitudes about self, others, and the environment. Since this primal understanding influences the growing child’s every situational encounter, the quality of pregnancy and birth deeply impact the quality of society. For example, if the baby experiences a violent, difficult birth that causes them to FEEL a lot of pain, they do not have the capacity to think ‘that is just the challenge of birth, everyone was doing their best and thank god I am alive’. Instead, they record, ‘it hurts, I am not safe, no one is helping me, it is too hard’, all negative archetypal thought forms that we will explore in more detail in Chapter Six – Shattering the Crystal."
(Excerpt from my soon to be published book, 'Unlock your Creative Potential' - Understanding the impact of our earliest life experiences by Binnie A Dansby & Lynne Thorsen)

You may seek therapy, personal development courses or other self-help strategies and succed in removing some of the books from the stack. However the stack is still there and still impacts your choices and life experiences. While the stack exists, it can continue to be added to and you eventually find yourself back at square one. You then feel confused and disappointed that you couldn't sustain the healing and development that you had done.

Exploring your early life experiences and first traumas through specifically designed inquiry processes and non ordinary states of consciousness, creates awareness of how the negativity began. With this awareness it is then possible to make a different choice and heal those long forgotten decisions.
When you remove the first book in the stack, the rest come tumbling down and transformation is the result.

If you want to remove the bottom book contact me on lynne@lynnethorsen.com or visit my website www.lynnethorsen.com and book in for a 20 minute Free Introductory consultation.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

From Fear to Love - Part One What is Fear?

What stops you realising your dreams, living the life you really want or sustaining great relationships? What causes debilitating illnesses and diseases?

The simple answer is the presence of FEAR, whether it is at your conscious level of awareness of not. Fear causes us to elicit the 'Fight or Flight' response and construct barriers to PROTECT ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I devised this blog series 'From Fear to Love' so that we can explore together the impact Fear has on all our life systems. The goal is to help people move from an unconscious operating system based in Fear to a conscious operating system originating from Love.

Fear is not a truth, fear is a PERCEPTION. What is fearful to one person may not be to another. Therefore our mind has to perceive danger and recognise fear in order to activate the emotional and physical responses that we experience in our body.
Our perceived notion of danger comes from our thoughts and beliefs, both programmed and instinctual, conscious and unconscious. (A belief is a thought that we keep thinking.)
Certain fears are hardwired and part of our instinctual brain such as if we were confronted by a dangerous animal out in the wild. This is part of our survival mechanism and is not advisable to deactivate.

Other fears come from our experiences and our interpretation of our experiences. Many fears are programmed from the beliefs of others ie parents, teachers, religious leaders, friends etc. Other fears are created before we have the ability to rationalise and we may not be aware they are even there. Some feaful beliefs are subliminally programmed through constant repetition. This is how propoganda and advertising work.

Some fears are in our conscious awareness, others hide in our subconscious and are subtly activated without us knowing that that is what is happening.

Most fears are irrational and not based on an absolute truth.  All learned irrational fears can be unlearned and all barriers removed when we learn how to change our thoughts and beliefs!
I used to be terrified of spiders due to a childhood experience. Although my fear response was real, I realised that it was not rational thinking. One day I decided I didn't want that fear anymore and I let it go during a meditation. Since that day I am no longer irrationally afraid of harmless spiders. However, if I was put in a room and told that I was sharing it with an aggressive man eating spider, I am sure that my fear response would be activated.

Next time we will look at the Anatomy of Fear, that is how fear affects our physical body both consciously and unconsciously and at the macro and micro levels.

In the meantime, think about what stops you?
What barriers exist in your life?
 How do you protect yourself?

From the Heart

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

In-Tuition - What are you learning?

Intuition is something that we all possess, it might be that you just don't know how to use it!

I love words! When you look more closely at the etymology of words, you discover greater depth of meaning and an understanding that at the time that our languages were being developed there was a greater awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit.

When we look at the word INTUITION we can see that what it really says is In - Tuition, in other words in the process of learning and gathering of knowledge. The more that we pay attention to the information that comes from within, the more we are able to use that knowledge to our own advantage. Another way we can look at the word is being In Tune  or Tuning in to the vibrational energetic information all around us.

How we perceive the information we receive will also impact how effectively we can use it.

The five essential capacities for clear perception of intuitive information are;
Presence - To Tune In you must be present to yourself and your inner world (soul)
Attention - Pay attention to the inner, listen in, observe sensations, develop awareness of communications
Trust - believe in yourself and your ability to receive the information
Intimacy - Become intimate with your own inner world
Courage - Take the risk of diving into the unknown
 Judee Gee - Ecole Etre

 If developing your intution is something that interests you then please contact me to see how I can help you develop this invaluable life tool

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Aligning with my purpose

I have recently changed the name of this blog and my facebook page from 'The Goddess Gives Birth to Lynne Thorsen- Inner Sense and I would like to explain why.

This blog was my first foray into putting my words out publicly in January 2012 and at the time I thought my 'raison d'etre' (purpose or reason to be) was about empowering the innate Goddess and changing birth practices so that women could give birth in ecstasy and joy rather than pain and struggle.

Since then my purpose has evolved and become broader and while it still encompasses the above, it includes much much more. I am so grateful for this blog giving me the confidence to write for a public audience. Since I began it, I have become a published author, appearing in three of the 'Adventures in Manifesting' series and I have now finished my first book and am in the process of getting it published. I have also created my own website www.lynnethorsen.com and a monthly newsletter called Inner Sense News, which is a play on our innate knowlede or our 'Inner Sense' and our true innate state of innocence. In addition and in collaboration with my esteemed teacher and mentor, Binnie A Dansby, I have created a series of online healing programs called 'Soul Birthing'. Creating awareness about both our Inner Sense and our Innocence and facilitating people to access it for themselves has become my mission and purpose.

I realised that my unique brand is me so I have now aligned all of my products to reflect my brand and my purpose. I firmly believe in the process of co-creation, which I have experienced first hand with Binnie in the writing of our book and the creation of the Soul Birthing healing programs and workshops.

I look forward to co-creating Inner Sense and Innocence with you.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The 'Law of Attraction'

My explanation of 'The Law of Attraction'

You have probably heard by now of the 'Law of Attraction'. This is one of the main teachings of Abraham who describes itself as being "Blocks of thoughts from the collective SOURCE consciousness that represent the FULLNESS of who we really are"
I first heard about Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham during a retreat I attended in 2009. I heard them talk about the Law of Attraction and I wanted to practice it, however I didn't really get it back then. I didn't understand what they meant by a 'vibrational match'. I had seen 'The Secret' and it seemed that all you had to do was ask for what you want and then the universe would deliver.

Missing Piece of the puzzle
I haven't watched 'The Secret' since so I am not sure whether I just didn't hear the most important aspect of the Law of Attraction because I wasn't ready to hear it or that it wasn't properly emphasised during this film? In order for the universe to fulfill your desire you have to ALLOW it to. Asking is only the first step and if what you desire is not a match to how you FEEL, the universe can only respond to how you FEEL so you will keep attracting more of that into your life!
For example: You say you want lots of money and what you FEEL is that you don't deserve lots of money because of some self sabotaging judgement/belief then it is what you FEEL that will keep being attracted into your life and you will continue NOT to have lots of money!

The Law of Attraction is about momentum of energy. If you hold a negative thought, another one will be attracted to it and then another one until all the momentum is negative thoughts and feelings. It works the opposite way too, if you have a positive thought then another positive thought will be attracted to it and if you can sustain the positive thoughts without resistance (fear, guilt, anger, despair, judgement) then more and more will be attracted to it and you will be aligned with the higher vibrations of positive, loving SOURCE energy!
This means that your thoughts need to be in alignment with your feelings. Your feelings come from all your experiences, beliefs and memories so if you believe that you are worthless and then stand in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy, your thought does not match how you feel and the universe will respond to the deep feeling of unworthiness. This is the main reason why people do not CREATE what they want and they think that the 'Law of Attraction' has failed. The Law of Attraction never fails because you always  attract more of what you are thinking and feeling!
 Remember that anything that doesn't FEEL good is not reality, it is just the story you are telling yourself. It is a reflection of the separation from who you really are that you have created with your judgements, negative beliefs and perceptions. Find a story that makes you FEEL good on the inside and keep telling yourself that. Your vibration will soon match the story and then you are in a place to CREATE everything that you really want!
You have the power!
The moment you wake up is the most powerful time of your day. It is the time that you have the least resistance. The time that you are closer to Source Intelligence. Use this time wisely.
Start every day with at least a minute of positive thinking about what you are creating!
Try this for 30 days and see what happens!
Have FUN!
The most important message from Abraham is that life is supposed to be FUN. Joy is our Purpose!
If it is not fun then stop doing it and find a way that is.
Joy accompanies us every step of the way when we are in alignment with SOURCE!

Authors Note:
I want to thank Abraham for providing the wisdom for our evolving world and Esther Hicks for being the conduit for this wisdom! I appreciate that I have had the good fortune to hear and now understand this amazingly simple wisdom.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stepping outside the BOX

Over the past three years in the course of researching the book I am writing, I have come to the realisatioin that we live in a world dominated by outdated dogma and belief systems. We have moved from a world dominated by Religious dogma to a world dominated by Science dogma. We are so convinced by this dogma that we believe it to be unequivocably true regardless of when there is evidence to the contrary. My research has led me on a journey of discovery both through books and the amazing world wide web. This journey has given me greater understanding of the paradigm of belief that we currently live under and access to new theories and ways of thinking that challenge our current worldview. I have found scientists who have stepped outside the box and who have been able to provide explanations for many of my own emerging thoughts and truths around the topics of consciousness, healing, nutrition, biology, physics and the meaning of life.

One of those illuminating voices that I have recently discovered is Dr Rupert Sheldrake, an eminent molecular biologist and free thinker. I would like to briefly share his views with you on the Dogmas inherent in our current Materialistic world view and then offer you a challenge.

Dr Sheldrake decided that there are 10 main dogmas that modern science accepts that when put to Scientific inquiry do not stand up as truths. These dogmas are so inherent in our collective worldview (belief system) that even when we are faced with contradictory evidence or personal experience, we maintain this worldview in order to appear rational and educated. Whereas what is happening in actual fact is that by maintaining a belief that has no basis in fact, we are in actual fact being illogical and stupid.

Here are his ten dogmas and what he likes to do is turn these statements into questions and then see if there is irrefutable scientific evidence to back them up. In his book, The Science Delusion, he demonstrates how each of these dogmas fail to stand up to inquiry.

1. Nature is mechanical or machine like

2. All matter is unconscious

3. The laws or constants of nature are fixed

4. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same

5. Nature is purposeless

6. Biological heredity is material

7. Memories are stored inside your brain

8. Your mind is inside your head

9. Psychic phenomena like telepathy is not possible

10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works

The issue with these dogmas are that they are inhibiting science from being a method of inquiry based on hypothesis, reason, evidence and collective investigation. As science is based solely on the assumption that nature and the universe and everything in it are matter and matter is everything, they are struggling to maintain their dogmatic beliefs in the face of new lines of inquiry into consciousness, quantum theories and para-normal phenomena. Therefore instead of accepting that perhaps the dogmatic belief is incomplete, they fudge data, statistics, experiements, research and hypotheses to justify their beliefs. In this regard science is crippling and constricting itself to discover a more accurate portrayal of reality. A wonderful example of this that Dr Sheldrake shares in his controversial TEDx talk, which you can watch below, is the conversation he had with the head of Metrology in the UK on the subject of the speed of light. This refers to dogma 3 which states that the laws or constants of nature are fixed.  Sheldrake discovered on examining raw data that the speed of light dropped significantly (20m/s) during the years 1928 - 1948. When asked how this could happen and if this meant that the constant could actually evolve or change according to variables, he received the answer that he had uncovered a rather emabarrassing event in this Science modality and that they had now fixed the problem by defining the speed of light by definition in 1972. This means that now if the speed of light does change, we will never know becasue the measurements are calibrated to the defined measurement of the speed of light rather than its actual measure. DOH! I find it incredulous that a highly educated and esteemed Science Professor can believe that this solves the problem. This is belief programming at its highest and most stupid!

I have found the same problem when I talk to people about current issues such as cancer treatments, the birth paradigm and the food industry and I find people trotting out programmed beliefs of which there is actually no basis in fact. The most common one that I get about cancer treatments is that there isn't any alternative to Chemo, Radio or Surgery when in fact there are a mulittude of highly effective alternative cancer treatments. I asked one highly educated, highly successful female friend who had breast cancer 5 years ago, whether she changed her diet and her response was "oh no I am not one of those", what does that mean, I am not one of those hippie looney's who thinks that diet has something to do with the health of my body??????? Currently she still takes a highly toxic, highly controversial drug everyday to keep the cancer at bay! Birth is another classic example and when I talk to people about the brilliance of natural home birth, I regularly hear back oh that is ok for you, but hospitals have made birth much safer! Really? My research shows otherwise as maternal and infant mortality rates are on the rise! If I had listened to the birth professionals I would have had three hospital surgical births rather than three natural homebirths! I know that I am grateful everyday that I listened to myself! Most of us know that drugs have many side effects AND we still willingly take them rather than a homeopathic treatment which has no side effects! Why? We have been programmed to believe that mechanistic, chemical medicine is the only one that works, see Dogma 10. The food industry, don't get me started! We see that obesity levels and chronic diseases have risen to epidemic proportions in the last 30 years and we still accept the food industry's disclaimer that it is because we don't do enough exercise rather than all the hidden sugars, chemical additives and unnatural processes that change the quality of the food we eat.

As we say goodbye to another year, I challenge you to examine the boxes that define your beliefs? Do you follow without questions the predominant worldview dominated by unsubstantiated dogmas or do you step outside the box and empower yourself with alternative knowledge?
Go on! You can do it!