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It is TIME to create JOY & EMPOWERMENT rather than PAIN & STRUGGLE!
TOGETHER we can move mountains and shift GLOBAL consciousness to LOVE rather than FEAR
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Tuesday 2 October 2012

A litte bit of knowledge goes a long way

This week I received a beautiful and totally inspiring birth story from a friend in Estonia.  This brave young woman gave birth to her second baby in an ambulance in the middle of a harsh Estonian winter on the way to the hospital.

The writer of this story is young and shows a maturity far beyond her years as she uses the knowledge that she has gained about birth from her own experience, her doula and her studies in Source Process & Breathwork to guide the very inexperienced and unknowledgable paramedics who helped to deliver her second baby.

She had acquired a great deal of knowledge about calm, natural births and she also had a strong belief that this was the way she wanted to birth her child.  Each time the paramedics tried to make her do something that didn't resonate with her own knowledge, she very calmly and insistently showed them another way, her way.  In the end, the only choice the paramedics had was to step aside and allow her to give birth in all her own power, without drugs, interventions or other medical intrusions.

This is her summary of the experience;

I think the most suitable word for describing this birth is empowering. I have even more trust in my body, in my children’s bodies, in the human body alltogether, therefore in being physical. I know that I have a choice, a power to choose, a power to create. I have more faith in medicine, because I feel I can choose how to make medicine work for me, not against me. I don’t have to be a victim of doctors, we can be partners if we are open for a dialogue. I saw even more clearly that there is a working connection between everything and everyone. Giving birth was meant to be satisfying, wonderful, amazing, transforming. I sometimes have dreams about giving birth, they are always very enjoyable and I wake up a smile upon my face.
It surely shifted my own conciousness about birth and I am quite sure it made a big difference for all the mothers and babies who these paramedics have helped after this experience. Kertu’s birthstory started spreading quickly, at first in the hospital and among friends and now I have heard it even from a complete stranger who I met in a breatsfeeding seminar. I hope it will help especially women to trust, respect and cherish themselves and the natural process. I hope it will encourage a dialogue between mothers and medics. I hope that some mother who has heard it, has a little bit more courage to stand up for her and the baby’s right to experience childbirth in its full glory.

I am in awe and total respect for you Anni V.
Readers of this blog, please send this to your friends, let others know that birth truly can be awesome and knowledge and self belief are the keys!