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Wednesday 28 August 2013

The Hidden Dictatorship

I am sharing with you today an excerpt from the new book that I am writing with Binnie A Dansby.  In Chapter Five we look at 'The Hidden Dictatorship" that is currently influencing the choices we make!

Most people do not question the democratic structure under which they live, choosing to believe that essentially, both governments and corporate organisations, on the whole, act for the benefit and well-being of the people. One reason why they don’t is that they have been programmed by the ‘powers at be’ not to. For most people it is much easier and safer to stay ignorant of these hidden machinations.  Although the evidence is all around us, we choose not to see it! 
For instance, most people do not know that;
  • ·      At the beginning of the twentieth century, The Rockefeller Foundation, as a means of improving their tarnished image, donated vast sums of money to medical research and education, forever changing the direction of medical knowledge towards a pharmaceutical application and away from herbal medicine and natural healing techniques.
  • ·      The international pharmaceutical giant, Bayer was once part of I G Farben, the organisation that conducted human medical experiments at Auschwitz during the Second World War.
  • ·      Pharmaceutical companies sponsor ongoing Post Graduate Medical Education, specifically biasing the curriculum to recommend the use of their medications or treatments.
  • ·      Medical Professionals receive financial incentives and perks from the Pharmaceutical companies to promote their products.
  • ·      US government agricultural policy and corporate decisions in the 1970’s have directly contributed to the global obesity epidemic of today.
  • ·      The financially powerful food industries of Great Britain and North America have systematically supressed numerous reports, discredited books and quashed government policies that have;

o   stated clearly that high levels of sugars in a person’s diet leads to obesity and other related diseases
o   recommended limiting advertising & other promotional activities used by the food industries to encourage us to eat more and more unhealthy food
o   produced guidelines to limit people’s intake of sugars
o   shown that children are no less active now than they were 30 years ago although childhood obesity continues to increase
  • The Food Industry continue to refuse to take responsibility stating that each individual is responsible for their own food consumption and blame lack of exercise for the rising levels of obesity.

Knowledge is a form of power and we have the means at our disposal to source great amounts of knowledge.  A simple search on the internet will produce all manner of facts, figures, opinions and stories.  Each of us need to WAKE UP to what is going on out there and start to make choices that are much healthier (mind, body & spirit) for both ourselves and our families!  
Stay tuned as this is only a taste of the information that will be available in our upcoming series of books called 'The Wake Up" Series!  
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