It is TIME for a REVOLUTION in the way we THINK & CREATE!
It is TIME to create JOY & EMPOWERMENT rather than PAIN & STRUGGLE!
TOGETHER we can move mountains and shift GLOBAL consciousness to LOVE rather than FEAR
JOIN me as I explore this concept.

Thursday 22 May 2014

The process of Breathing

The phobic stir of the FIRST breath

For many, the first breath is taken in shock and pain, the harsh air burning  delicate throats and lungs and immediate cord clamping cutting off the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich cord blood.  This shocking memory sits in every cell and causes fear to accompany our thoughts about the breath.  In response we choose not to breathe deeply, not to take in this full life giving and purifying substance.  We resist, we hold back, we breathe shallowly not willing to return to those sensations.
Breathing consciously and deeply is one of the most therapeutic, healing acts we can do.  

Breathing deeply and consciously;

  • Nourishes the body with life giving oxygen 
  • Lowers adrenaline levels (stress)
  • Increases Serotonin (happy hormones)
  • Releases toxins from the cells
  • Calms the emotions 
  • Supports the release of and healing of life diminishing decisions made in the womb, at birth or in the first years of life
  • Enhances creative expression
  • Brings negative emotions/feelings to the surface so that they can be released and healed
  • Creates an understanding of connection
  • Accesses an expanded state of consciousness including higher guidance

Practice breathing deep into your high chest and low into your belly and see what happens!

When you are angry - BREATHE
When you are sad - BREATHE
When you are excited - BREATHE
When you are afraid - BREATHE
When you are ill - BREATHE
When you don't know what to do - BREATHE