It is TIME for a REVOLUTION in the way we THINK & CREATE!
It is TIME to create JOY & EMPOWERMENT rather than PAIN & STRUGGLE!
TOGETHER we can move mountains and shift GLOBAL consciousness to LOVE rather than FEAR
JOIN me as I explore this concept.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Stepping outside the BOX

Over the past three years in the course of researching the book I am writing, I have come to the realisatioin that we live in a world dominated by outdated dogma and belief systems. We have moved from a world dominated by Religious dogma to a world dominated by Science dogma. We are so convinced by this dogma that we believe it to be unequivocably true regardless of when there is evidence to the contrary. My research has led me on a journey of discovery both through books and the amazing world wide web. This journey has given me greater understanding of the paradigm of belief that we currently live under and access to new theories and ways of thinking that challenge our current worldview. I have found scientists who have stepped outside the box and who have been able to provide explanations for many of my own emerging thoughts and truths around the topics of consciousness, healing, nutrition, biology, physics and the meaning of life.

One of those illuminating voices that I have recently discovered is Dr Rupert Sheldrake, an eminent molecular biologist and free thinker. I would like to briefly share his views with you on the Dogmas inherent in our current Materialistic world view and then offer you a challenge.

Dr Sheldrake decided that there are 10 main dogmas that modern science accepts that when put to Scientific inquiry do not stand up as truths. These dogmas are so inherent in our collective worldview (belief system) that even when we are faced with contradictory evidence or personal experience, we maintain this worldview in order to appear rational and educated. Whereas what is happening in actual fact is that by maintaining a belief that has no basis in fact, we are in actual fact being illogical and stupid.

Here are his ten dogmas and what he likes to do is turn these statements into questions and then see if there is irrefutable scientific evidence to back them up. In his book, The Science Delusion, he demonstrates how each of these dogmas fail to stand up to inquiry.

1. Nature is mechanical or machine like

2. All matter is unconscious

3. The laws or constants of nature are fixed

4. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same

5. Nature is purposeless

6. Biological heredity is material

7. Memories are stored inside your brain

8. Your mind is inside your head

9. Psychic phenomena like telepathy is not possible

10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works

The issue with these dogmas are that they are inhibiting science from being a method of inquiry based on hypothesis, reason, evidence and collective investigation. As science is based solely on the assumption that nature and the universe and everything in it are matter and matter is everything, they are struggling to maintain their dogmatic beliefs in the face of new lines of inquiry into consciousness, quantum theories and para-normal phenomena. Therefore instead of accepting that perhaps the dogmatic belief is incomplete, they fudge data, statistics, experiements, research and hypotheses to justify their beliefs. In this regard science is crippling and constricting itself to discover a more accurate portrayal of reality. A wonderful example of this that Dr Sheldrake shares in his controversial TEDx talk, which you can watch below, is the conversation he had with the head of Metrology in the UK on the subject of the speed of light. This refers to dogma 3 which states that the laws or constants of nature are fixed.  Sheldrake discovered on examining raw data that the speed of light dropped significantly (20m/s) during the years 1928 - 1948. When asked how this could happen and if this meant that the constant could actually evolve or change according to variables, he received the answer that he had uncovered a rather emabarrassing event in this Science modality and that they had now fixed the problem by defining the speed of light by definition in 1972. This means that now if the speed of light does change, we will never know becasue the measurements are calibrated to the defined measurement of the speed of light rather than its actual measure. DOH! I find it incredulous that a highly educated and esteemed Science Professor can believe that this solves the problem. This is belief programming at its highest and most stupid!

I have found the same problem when I talk to people about current issues such as cancer treatments, the birth paradigm and the food industry and I find people trotting out programmed beliefs of which there is actually no basis in fact. The most common one that I get about cancer treatments is that there isn't any alternative to Chemo, Radio or Surgery when in fact there are a mulittude of highly effective alternative cancer treatments. I asked one highly educated, highly successful female friend who had breast cancer 5 years ago, whether she changed her diet and her response was "oh no I am not one of those", what does that mean, I am not one of those hippie looney's who thinks that diet has something to do with the health of my body??????? Currently she still takes a highly toxic, highly controversial drug everyday to keep the cancer at bay! Birth is another classic example and when I talk to people about the brilliance of natural home birth, I regularly hear back oh that is ok for you, but hospitals have made birth much safer! Really? My research shows otherwise as maternal and infant mortality rates are on the rise! If I had listened to the birth professionals I would have had three hospital surgical births rather than three natural homebirths! I know that I am grateful everyday that I listened to myself! Most of us know that drugs have many side effects AND we still willingly take them rather than a homeopathic treatment which has no side effects! Why? We have been programmed to believe that mechanistic, chemical medicine is the only one that works, see Dogma 10. The food industry, don't get me started! We see that obesity levels and chronic diseases have risen to epidemic proportions in the last 30 years and we still accept the food industry's disclaimer that it is because we don't do enough exercise rather than all the hidden sugars, chemical additives and unnatural processes that change the quality of the food we eat.

As we say goodbye to another year, I challenge you to examine the boxes that define your beliefs? Do you follow without questions the predominant worldview dominated by unsubstantiated dogmas or do you step outside the box and empower yourself with alternative knowledge?
Go on! You can do it!

Thursday 27 November 2014

The Heart

The Heart is one of the most important organs in our body. If it stops beating then our physical body ceases to live. Physiologically the heart contributes more than just pumping blood throughout our body, it also controls the rate, flow and pressure.  Our heart is the first organ developed in the womb and it appears that if fulfills the function of the brain, co-ordinating and co-creating our physical development while the brain is still developing. Science is now proving that the heart has its own intelligence and works cooperatively with the brain. Quantum physics tells us that the construct of both the human body and the physical universe is, at the subatomic level, pure energy! The heart has its own electro-magnetic field which is identical to the electro-magnetic field of the earth. Is this a coincidence or rather part of a grand design which connects us to each other and the universe energetically?
The Heart is the bridge between the phyiscal and the spiritual and is where we process our deepest emotions. The Heart is a giver and receiver of love and this process is inhibited when we build barriers to love and close off our heart through fear based emotions. Living with fear means that love can't get through and our whole being is affected both physiologically and spiritually. Unseen we transmit our emotions and feelings energetically to all those around us. If we transmit love based energy then we positively impact our environment including people and everything grows. If we transmit fear based energy then we are sending negative vibes out and we attract negativity into our environment. Learning to live in harmony improves our quality of life. Each person that learns heart based living impacts the society they live in and then that impacts the global environment. Loving and healing yourself is not selfish! It is the most selfless act you can do. The world needs us all to heal our pain, release our fears and start living from LOVE!

5 Tips for Heart Based Living
  1. Learn to RECOGNISE the difference between a fear based REACTION and a love based RESPONSE!
  2. MEDITATE DAILY bringing your focus of attention to your HEART SPACE
  3. Give your HEART intelligence a name and practice asking this 'intelligence' for their solution
  4. Practice INTENTIONAL POSITIVE THINKING by filling your thoughts with positive emotions, love, gratitude, compassion, kindness etc
  5. OPEN your heart to RECEIVE the LOVE & SUPPORT that is all around you
Watch this 7 minute video from Heart Math to understand how this process works! 

Wednesday 5 November 2014


For the past 15 years I have subscribed to the belief that all forms of disease, illness and discomfort are the product of underlying negative belief systems and negative thought forms. These are expressed in our physical and energetic bodies as emotions. It is the reason why I have trained in Holistic Therapies including breathwork and guided visualisations.

E-Motion = Energy in Motion

Emotions can become trapped in our physiology causing dysfunction which leads to disease. If we look at the origin of the word dis-ease, we can see that it actually refers to an emotional state - Not at Ease

There is a new movie that can be purchased online which explains clearly and succinctly this process. You can watch the first 25 minutes for free. This information  has the potential to improve our health, happiness and longevity. It has the potential to put the power of health back into the hands of the indivdual rather than in the hands of the Medical profession and Pharmaceutical industry. 
Let me know what you think?

I have now received and watched the entire movie and I loved it. It explained clearly and in layman's terms what I have been passionately involved with for the past 15 years. Many times I have been stuck trying to explain these simple yet deeply rejected concepts to friends and family. I urge you all to watch this movie, it is a game changer!

Thursday 11 September 2014

"Microbirth" The Movie

Some time ago I invested in a film project by Alto Films called 'Microbirth'. This film explores the microscopic world of birth and early development.  It researches how vaginal birth, skin on skin contact and breastfeeding all contribute to kick starting our intricately complex immune system through the exposure to a variety of microbes which then create our microbiome. I am hosting a screening of this fascinating new film in London on World Premiere Day, Saturday September 20th. This film is about raising awareness of the hidden consequences of our modern birth and child rearing practices. It is a must see for everyone not just pregnant women! Visit www.microbirth.com to find a screening near you!

Saturday 20th September, 8.00pm (Doors open at 7.30pm)

Active Birth Centre, 25 Bickerton Road, London N19 5JT

Following the 2 min trailer is an excerpt from the Microbirth press release.

Could the way we are born determine our future health and even impact the future of humanity? These are questions explored in a new feature-length documentary “Microbirth” premiering in hundreds of grass-roots public screenings around the world on Saturday 20th September 2014.

Featuring prominent scientists from the UK and North America, “Microbirth” warns that modern birth practices could be interfering with critical biological processes making our children more susceptible to disease.

Recent population studies have shown babies born by Caesarean have approximately a 20% increased risk of developing asthma, 20% increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes, a similar risk with obesity and slightly smaller increases in gastro-intestinal conditions like Crohn's disease or celiac disease. All of these conditions are linked to the immune system.

“Microbirth” explores several possible plausible explanations. One hypothesis is that if normal vaginal birth is interfered with or bypassed completely because of Caesarean birth, this could alter the “seeding of the baby's microbiome”, the critical transfer of bacteria from mother to baby at birth. Scientists suggest this could lead to the baby's immune system not developing to its full potential. Another hypothesis is the actual process of vaginal birth, including the cocktail of hormones produced during labour, could profoundly affect the baby's immune regulation and metabolism.

Dr Matthew Hyde, Research Associate of Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College London says, ”We are increasingly seeing a world out there with what is really a public health time-bomb waiting to go off. And the research we are doing suggests it is only going to get worse, generation on generation. So tomorrow's generation really is on the edge of the precipice unless we can begin to do something about it.”

The film's co-director Toni Harman says, “Caesarean Sections are essential and often are life-saving. However, up until now, no-one has really looked into the long-term impact. This emerging research is painting an alarming picture in terms of future health across populations. There may even be repercussions for the future of humanity. And yet, up until now, I don't hear any alarm bells ringing.”

Thursday 22 May 2014

The process of Breathing

The phobic stir of the FIRST breath

For many, the first breath is taken in shock and pain, the harsh air burning  delicate throats and lungs and immediate cord clamping cutting off the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich cord blood.  This shocking memory sits in every cell and causes fear to accompany our thoughts about the breath.  In response we choose not to breathe deeply, not to take in this full life giving and purifying substance.  We resist, we hold back, we breathe shallowly not willing to return to those sensations.
Breathing consciously and deeply is one of the most therapeutic, healing acts we can do.  

Breathing deeply and consciously;

  • Nourishes the body with life giving oxygen 
  • Lowers adrenaline levels (stress)
  • Increases Serotonin (happy hormones)
  • Releases toxins from the cells
  • Calms the emotions 
  • Supports the release of and healing of life diminishing decisions made in the womb, at birth or in the first years of life
  • Enhances creative expression
  • Brings negative emotions/feelings to the surface so that they can be released and healed
  • Creates an understanding of connection
  • Accesses an expanded state of consciousness including higher guidance

Practice breathing deep into your high chest and low into your belly and see what happens!

When you are angry - BREATHE
When you are sad - BREATHE
When you are excited - BREATHE
When you are afraid - BREATHE
When you are ill - BREATHE
When you don't know what to do - BREATHE

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Asbestos Awareness Week

This is an email that I received from someone that reads my blog.  Her story and her quest are worth a few minutes of your time.

Hi Lynne!
Thanks for responding to my comment! I’m reaching out to you today in hopes that you will help me with a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. At age 36, I was diagnosed with mesothelioma just 3 ½ months after my first and only child, Lily, was born. I was given just 15 months to live unless I underwent a drastic surgery to remove my left lung. Miraculously, I beat the odds and I’m still here eight years later.
Asbestos is not banned in the US, yet it’s the only known cause of mesothelioma. I was exposed to asbestos through my fathers work jacket when I was just a little girl; my diagnosis came about 30 years later. Once diagnosed, most patients die within 2 years. I am one of few survivors who openly share their story and work to spread awareness regarding the dangers of asbestos.
In honor of upcoming Asbestos Awareness Week (April 1-7), I have created a webpage dedicated to raising awareness. I would love it if you would be willing to share it on your blog to help educate and protect your readers from this preventable disease!
Here’s the link to my awareness page: mesothelioma.com/heather/awareness
Please let me know what you think :-)
All my best,

Thursday 27 March 2014

Monty Python -On Hospital birth

In 1983 Monty Python included this 'hospital birth' sketch in their hilariously funny satirical film "The Meaning of Life"! In this short three minute clip they sum up everything that is wrong with high tech medicalised birth. In the thirty years since this film was made, this situation has only become more exaggerated so that the 1983 parody looks more like real life in a modern birthing suite!

The more technology used, the less human the experience!

In this wonderfully predictive sketch, the mother, father and baby are shown as the least important elements of the birthing process. The most important elements being the doctors, the machinery and the money making potential of each procedure!

In their eminently funny way, the Monty Python team demonstrate how modern birthing methods frighten babies, depress mothers and marginalise fathers.  They highlight the insanity of many routine hospital birth procedures and emphasise the inhumanity of 'isolating' babies from mothers!
I find it astonishing that over 30 years ago, they had so accurately observed the growing trend of over medicalising birth in such fine detail, highlighting in case you missed it;

  • the accepted superiority of the doctor
  • the notion that women are not qualified to birth their own baby
  • the inutility of high tech machines
  • the power of the hospital administrator
  • the administration's concern for profit over quality of care
  • the lack of knowledge by all concerned
  • the insensitivity of the hospital environment
  • the unnecessary number of birth attendants
  • the bright lights and loud noises of a birthing suite
  • the frightening environment the baby is first born into
  • early cord clamping
  • rough towel treatment of the baby
  • clinical post birth medical checks
  • isolating babies
  • keeping the mother helpless and powerless
  • separating babies from their mothers

This short video perfectly demonstrates what I have been researching and writing about for the last two years in regards to "The Hidden Dictatorship" and Birth!

I urge you to watch and share so that more people can see through the art of comedy, the tragedy that is unfolding everyday in delivery suites around the world!