It is TIME for a REVOLUTION in the way we THINK & CREATE!
It is TIME to create JOY & EMPOWERMENT rather than PAIN & STRUGGLE!
TOGETHER we can move mountains and shift GLOBAL consciousness to LOVE rather than FEAR
JOIN me as I explore this concept.

Monday 30 March 2020

FEAR creates Real Problems

“Fear is only caused to a very limited extent by real problems, and it justifies itself by subsequently creating real problems”
Luc Vanderlinden MD

The world is in the grip of fear about Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The virus has now spread to over 170 countries and the death toll is climbing every day. The majority of governments have chosen to implement strict lockdown measures and social distancing to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus. The consequences of these lockdowns are going to be immense, and the shockwaves will be felt for many years to come. There is a risk of global economic collapse, social chaos, and physical hardship for the majority of the world’s population. When I examine the statistics, I find myself asking why? Why do we risk creating even greater problems for a relatively low number of deaths?
Just to get things in perspective, lets look at some other statistics. The source of which is www.worldomoters.com. I cannot vouch for the accuracy and I am assuming that the figures are created from algorithms, however it is safe to assume that even if the figure is not 100% accurate, it is in the general ballpark.
This year to date (March 30th 2020), global death rates for different causes are;
Covid-19 – 34 839
Influenza – 119 234
Hunger – 2 742 965
Contaminated Water – 206 536
HIV/AIDS related illnesses – 412 300
Cancer – 2 014 323
Malaria – 240 575
Smoking related illnesses – 1 226 087
Alcohol related – 613 433
Suicide – 263 011
Road traffic accidents – 331 086
Mothers during childbirth – 78 110
I understand that the figures will keep increasing for Covid-19, however it still remains a low number when put against all these other causes of deaths. Many of these causes are preventable if we took more care about what we put into our mouths ie smoking, alcohol, poor quality food, contaminated water etc or took more care when driving, or were given more emotional support, or we evened up wealth distribution throughout the world.
So why all the panic about Covid-19?
The only answer that makes sense is that Covid-19 is indiscriminate in its victims. Wealthy people from first world countries are at just as much risk as poor people from third world countries. Also, the financial elite are not necessarily making money out of it like they do by economic activities such as fossil fuels, sugars, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, plastic production etc.  In fact the largest group of deaths is well off, white males over a certain age. Many of our world leaders are well off, white males over a certain age. We have already seen that people in the upper echelons of society and wealth are not immune. People such as Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Charles, and Boris Johnson (UK Prime Minister) have all contracted the virus.
As a result, the panic button has been hit.
It is not all doom and gloom though. It helps to look for the silver lining in this unprecedented situation. In fact I am feeling extremely optimistic that Coronavirus is going to accelerate the demise of the incumbent patriarchy. Many of those that have been steadfastly holding onto patriarchal ideas and practices will be amongst the victims of Coronavirus. Although this is not a happy situation and many people are suffering either from illness or loss, the world before coronavirus was in free-fall. We were heading for an environmental disaster of catastrophic proportions. At the very least, the lockdown measures are allowing Mother Earth to eliminate toxins, and clear her clogged lungs and breathe.  Interestingly the nature of the virus mirrors the environmental issues that the earth has been experiencing.
In the aftermath, will there be increased empathy for the earth, and people in general?
My biggest concern is that all this fear will create a very real problem of social chaos and anarchy. The loss of social structure, increased criminal activity and general lawlessness are all very real threats. This is where we must all do our bit to help avoid this undesirable outcome. We all need to focus our attention on love, compassion, gratitude, and joy. We must find our happy place amongst the environment of panic and pandemic. The more of us that can raise our energetic vibration, the lower the risk is of chaos taking over.
Each and every one of us can be part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem.
If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, or emotional distress as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, please contact Lynne via her website www.lynnethorsen.com As a qualified holistic therapist, she can help you alleviate these issues.

Friday 20 March 2020

Coranvirus and Birth

How the world's reaction to Coronavirus reflects the way we have been born

I am looking at this crazy situation the world finds itself in with the arrival of Covid-19, and I see how our reaction to this crisis reflects the consciousness that has surrounded birth for centuries. Most people are born into a consciousness of fear and separation.  This fear arises out of our fear of death. Our lack of spiritual understanding means that we think death is the end. We are so afraid of death that we don’t live our lives to their fullest potential.
We are so afraid of death that we try to save everyone.  In a bid to save every baby and every mother, we have turned birth into a medical emergency; a catastrophe waiting to happen. Healthy fit women are programmed to believe that birth is dangerous, painful, and traumatic. They believe that their bodies are unable to birth a baby without medical intervention. Many interventions and protocols inflicted on birthing mothers make no sense. They are not based on fact, and they do not take into account how the natural system of birth works.
The natural birth system is compromised from the time the woman arrives at the hospital and her instinctual reptilian brain kicks in and starts silently screaming, not safe, not safe, danger, danger, danger, even though consciously she thinks that hospital is the safest place to be.  The hormones that are required to augment labour, release the baby from the uterus, and instigate breastfeeding are not released in sufficient quantities or in the right sequence. Labour slows down or even stops and then the medical personnel swing into action with intervention after intervention, including administering inducing labour drugs, electronic foetal heart monitoring, epidural pain relief, and surgical births. These interventions further inhibit the natural system. As a result, medical intervention is required to save both mother and child. It is a question of what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

The world’s reaction to Covid-19 is exactly the same. It is based on fear and panic and not on fact or common sense.  The statistics that are emerging from places such as China and Italy are that 99% of Covid-19 deaths are people that already had at least one or more underlying health problems regardless of age. Generally older people have more health conditions due to the ageing process, which is why they are more vulnerable to this virus. There is also an indication that, especially for younger people, the use of pharmaceutical medications such as anti inflammatories, increase the severity of Covid-19, and thus should be avoided. 
World governments have bought into this fear and in a bid to save everyone, they have confined and isolated healthy fit people.  They are preventing healthy fit people from working, traveling, and generally going about their daily lives. Just as we use fear to prevent healthy, fit women from experiencing the powerful, life-changing rite of passage that is natural birth.  Having opted to birth my three children at home without pain relief or any form of medical intervention, I know that birth is so much more than what the majority of women experience.
With the growth of surgical expertise, and pharmaceutical medicine, we have forgotten that nature thrives on a system of natural selection. If we look around us at the natural world, not every organism survives. Plants die if planted in the wrong location. The runts of cat or dog litters are destined to die as the mother instinctively knows this and doesn’t look after them. A baby chick that can’t hatch itself properly from its egg, dies with no intervention from the hen. I could go on, there are so many examples of how natural selection favours the strong and discards the weak.
We could look at coronavirus as a form of natural selection. The toxic world of our own creation needs to cleanse itself in order to have a chance of surviving. Our programing of preserve life at any cost, put in place right at the beginning during our birth, means that governments and society are desperate to limit the number of coronavirus deaths at whatever cost.
When this is all over, history will tell us that the social and economic cost of these measures have created far more problems, and more deaths than the virus itself. Just as many fit, healthy women are needlessly subjected to major abdominal surgery to birth their babies, fit, healthy people are going to lose their livelihood, their sanity, and their freedom.
The way we birth is the way we live. If we want to significantly change the world, we need to start with how we birth our babies.
Lynne is a therapist and works in the pre & peri natal psychology field, looking at how the circumstances of our conception, gestation, birth and first year of life impact the choices we make and the life we go on to lead. She helps people heal their early life experiences so they can make a different choice.