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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Tick Tock - Our Future Potential

Something you can do to Change the World
When I was pregnant with my first child, I learnt about the benefits of delaying clamping of the umbilical cord until it had stopped pulsating.  My understanding at the time was that it was beneficial to the baby to transiton to being born and for their immediate health and well being.  My husband and I chose to delay clamping until some 5-10 minutes after birth for all three of our children. It is only recently that I have learnt and begun to appreciate the HUGE impact that allowing the transfusion of all the cord blood into the baby,  has on the physical and mental potential of an individual.
This is not just about the first minutes or months of life, this has an impact for the rest of their lives!
A baby's blood before birth is constantly being pumped through the mother via the cord and placenta.  At the time of birth, 30% of the baby's blood is outside of its body.  The cord then pulses to return all of that vital blood containing Oxygen, red blood cells, white blood cells, iron & other nutrients and stem cells back to the baby, nourishing them abundantly and providing them with all they need for their first minutes, days, hours, months and even years when it comes to optimal brain development and health.
It seems incredulous to me that our revered medical system has remained so ignorant to the effect a simple act like immediate cord clamping has on limiting our human potential.
This is definitely a case of nature knows best as you can find no other mammallian species that will sever their young's cord until after it has ceased pulsating.  Why then do human's, supposedly sitting at the top of the food chain, perform this devasting act on its most vulnerable?
The scientific and social evidence is now coming to light about this issue, however people are notoriously slow to change habits, therefore if want to create global change quickly, we all need to participate in the change.
A pediatrician called Alan Greene, has in conjunction with other groups, started a campaign called Tick Tock.  He believes that we can significantly change the world in regards to human intelligence and physical health by allowing each baby that is born to enjoy the benefits of receiving its birthright, cord blood.  Waiting a mere 90 seconds after birth before clamping the cord will allow the baby to recieve a significant percentage of this nutrient rich blood.  Waiting even longer will allow them to receive all of it.  Optimal cord clamping can be achieved for all types of births, vaginal, caesarean, home, hospital, water etc.
There are two calls to action which are highlighted in the below video of a TED talk that he gave.

1/ Request optimal cord clamping (cord has stopped pulsating) for all your loved ones
2/ Share this information with everyone you know and are on your social and business networks

This is the power of the people! Please Share this with your world!