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It is TIME to create JOY & EMPOWERMENT rather than PAIN & STRUGGLE!
TOGETHER we can move mountains and shift GLOBAL consciousness to LOVE rather than FEAR
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Monday, 30 January 2012

There is another CHOICE

I became aware that there was another choice about how we birth our children in the couple of years leading up to the birth of my first child in 2001.  The information that I was reading led me to realise that doctors, hospitals and medical intervention were actually not a necessary part of the birth process.  What I needed most was a SAFE environment and TRUST in my own body to birth my baby.  When I became pregnant soon after, I chose to birth at home with a midwife.  My husband supported me and as I was living in England at the time, the system also supported me.  I could use the local community midwives who would attend me pre & post natally at home.  This choice was then challenged when my baby was diagnosed as BREECH (bum first) at 32 weeks.  My world was thrown into turmoil and I researched everything I could about breech birth and I decided that I could still birth this baby at home without medical assistance.  My midwives couldn't support me as the NHS insisted that all breech births be in a hospital and highly recommended (read insist) that they be by caesarean section.  I found independent midwives to support me for a natural breech delivery (for a fee of course). My baby was born safely and beautifully at home on 30th November 2001.  The energy and power that I experienced through this completely natural, drug free, intervention free, stitch free birth supported my belief that THERE IS ANOTHER CHOICE!
I ask all of you who read this blog to join me in the revolution of BIRTH.  It doesnt' matter whether you have ever birthed a baby, it doesn't matter whether you suffered traumatic births, it doesn't matter whether you delivered your baby by C section, we can all join together to HEAL and REVOLUTIONISE BIRTH


  1. Wow, this moves me deeply. Thank you, for doing this. You, we, make a difference!

  2. I highly commend you for delivering a Breech baby naturally! At at home! I was considering a home birth myself until I found out I was having twins and was too concerned something may have gone wrong. I tried to birth naturally for 17 hours until doctors had to deliver my gorgeous twins by C-section due to health reasons and no dialtion after being induced due to liver abnormalities. I was also wanting to have a water birth at hospital but the hospital deemed it too risky. I would rather forget that day they were born but my beautiful twins entered the world healthy and happy and for that I am thankful even if their start at life was very hard on me physically!

  3. I congratulate you Karen on both your desire to birth naturally and doing everything you could to make it happen in a system that didn't really support you. Most hospitals and doctors these days believe that twins and breech births are safer to be born by c section and therefore it is very difficult to achieve a natural birth when that desire is not supported. Once the fear has been created it is then difficult to get the body to flow smoothly into the natural birth process. Last night I listened to a woman who does hot tub breathwork healing with new born babies and mothers to heal traumatic birth experiences so that they are not continued to be held in the body. She is based in the US, however I know there are a lot of conscious breathing practitioners in Australia too, it might be worth looking into. Thanks for commnting and joining this site and enjoy your beautiful twins.