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Sunday 9 September 2012

Birth - Nature's Way

If you have ever had a pet or observed animals in their natural habitat giving birth, you will have knowledge on the key components of successfully giving birth without external aid.
Typically animals birth their young at night under the cover of darkness as a form of security and the desire not to be observed.  They find isolated, protected places for the same reason.  The act of giving birth will take all their energy and focus so they will not be able to protect themselves or their newborns if they are attacked.  Our cat gave birth the other day to 6 kittens, it was her fourth litter and each time she has found a different "safe" place to give birth undisturbed!
Animals do not have obstetricians, midwives, birth manuals, birth preparation classes or partners to tell them what to do, they instinctually trust that their body's know how to birth and they relax into the process.  

Human beings are part of the animal world and we operate with many of the same instincts.  If left to go into labour spontaneously, most women, especially first time mums, will labour and birth during the night.  We too want to feel safe and unobserved during labour and birth.  Having a baby in hospital, in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by strangers, under bright lights, being monitored and observed constantly must place most labouring women into "stress" mode.  This stress or fear activates her"fight & flight' system, releasing adrenaline into the system, which creates the opposite physiological effect to the one required to birth naturally.

Most women "choose" to go to hospital because they believe that it is the safest place to birth.  For many decades now we have been told that women need doctors, hospitals, pain killing drugs, monitoring machines and interventions to be able to successfully birth their babies safely.

The majority of women do not need any of those things to birth naturally and safely.  
What they need is:
  • a secure, safe environment
  • to be mostly unobserved
  • trust in their own bodies
  • support by significant others in their life
  • to be uninhibited so they can access their primal self
In the forty years since birth has moved primarily from the home environment to the hospital environment, there has been no significant improvement in maternal and infant mortality rates, in fact in some countries the maternal mortality rate is on the rise.  What has increased is the number of surgical births, now 30-40% in most developed countries and even as high as 80% in Brazil.  It was only 5% of births in 1970.  The use of synthetic hormones has increased astronomically and many women experience traumatic, painful and deeply dissatisfying births.

Women all around the world are being denied their right to birth in Natures Way.  Many are convinced that they need unnecessary surgery and interventions.  The trend is getting much worse and the potential exists that surgical birth could completely replace Natural birth!
The time to act is NOW!
It is time to reclaim birth - Nature's Way

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