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Friday 22 April 2016

The first book in the Stack

I posted this meme on facebook and received a lot of interest so I thought I would expand the concept to give greater insight into this simple and powerful wisdom.

Each negative experience, memory, emotion is another book on the stack of your negative beliefs about yourself, relationships, and life in general. I view the bottom book as your earliest life experiences, including gestation, birth, and immediately after birth. As these early life experiences occur in the pre verbal and pre conscious memory stage, they are stored hidden in the subconsicous and form our first impression of what it is to be human. The first book has been created and forms the foundation for the eventual stack that goes on top.

"Physical Birth matters! The shared experience mother and baby have at birth creates a shared memory. We form our first impressions of what it is to be human. How does a gestating or newborn baby make decisions? By confirming the impressions it receives, on a pre-verbal level. Deeply imprinted in the subconscious, these decisions become the premise upon which the child builds its subsequent logic and early attitudes about self, others, and the environment. Since this primal understanding influences the growing child’s every situational encounter, the quality of pregnancy and birth deeply impact the quality of society. For example, if the baby experiences a violent, difficult birth that causes them to FEEL a lot of pain, they do not have the capacity to think ‘that is just the challenge of birth, everyone was doing their best and thank god I am alive’. Instead, they record, ‘it hurts, I am not safe, no one is helping me, it is too hard’, all negative archetypal thought forms that we will explore in more detail in Chapter Six – Shattering the Crystal."
(Excerpt from my soon to be published book, 'Unlock your Creative Potential' - Understanding the impact of our earliest life experiences by Binnie A Dansby & Lynne Thorsen)

You may seek therapy, personal development courses or other self-help strategies and succed in removing some of the books from the stack. However the stack is still there and still impacts your choices and life experiences. While the stack exists, it can continue to be added to and you eventually find yourself back at square one. You then feel confused and disappointed that you couldn't sustain the healing and development that you had done.

Exploring your early life experiences and first traumas through specifically designed inquiry processes and non ordinary states of consciousness, creates awareness of how the negativity began. With this awareness it is then possible to make a different choice and heal those long forgotten decisions.
When you remove the first book in the stack, the rest come tumbling down and transformation is the result.

If you want to remove the bottom book contact me on lynne@lynnethorsen.com or visit my website www.lynnethorsen.com and book in for a 20 minute Free Introductory consultation.

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