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Wednesday 13 January 2016

In-Tuition - What are you learning?

Intuition is something that we all possess, it might be that you just don't know how to use it!

I love words! When you look more closely at the etymology of words, you discover greater depth of meaning and an understanding that at the time that our languages were being developed there was a greater awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit.

When we look at the word INTUITION we can see that what it really says is In - Tuition, in other words in the process of learning and gathering of knowledge. The more that we pay attention to the information that comes from within, the more we are able to use that knowledge to our own advantage. Another way we can look at the word is being In Tune  or Tuning in to the vibrational energetic information all around us.

How we perceive the information we receive will also impact how effectively we can use it.

The five essential capacities for clear perception of intuitive information are;
Presence - To Tune In you must be present to yourself and your inner world (soul)
Attention - Pay attention to the inner, listen in, observe sensations, develop awareness of communications
Trust - believe in yourself and your ability to receive the information
Intimacy - Become intimate with your own inner world
Courage - Take the risk of diving into the unknown
 Judee Gee - Ecole Etre

 If developing your intution is something that interests you then please contact me to see how I can help you develop this invaluable life tool

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